Online Bingo Players Honor the King

Chicago, IL, August 10th — It was almost 31 years ago that the almighty King of Rock n’ Roll, Mr. Elvis Presley, passed away, and an group of Internet users is preparing to honor the King in a very different way.

An group of online bingo players is gearing up to pay their respects to the King in their very own way, by playing bingo in his honor. Bingo Hall, one of the biggest and most reputable Online Bingo Companies in the world is launching an Elvis promotion, that promises to Bingo Fans, not only an Elvis motif and Crown Bingo Patters, but a package of prizes and bonuses worthy of the King.

The King, Elvis Presley changed the face of American , and world music forever. People everywhere in the world will be honoring his life and Internet has become a valuable tool for people with similar interests to come together. In this case, Bingo Hall will be the channel that will make that possible, with their Elvis special, running August 17th-21st.