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New Way to Profit: Software Affiliate Programs

As we’ve emphasized here at the CAP Blog before, successful gaming affiliates should always be looking for ways to diversify their portfolio and offer more than just gaming or poker ads.

For those affiliates interested in new ways to make money in their gaming niche, software affiliate programs offer a great alternative.
Software affiliate programs is a pretty broad term, it’s true. But in general, we’re talking about affiliate programs that promote various online software, as opposed to an actual product or service that’s not delivered via software (like Netflix). We’ll narrow it down even further to those software programs that highlight technology or business solutions.
As an affiliate, you’re either knowledgeable about online business and marketing, or you’re learning about it. So these software affiliate programs offer services that should be familiar to your online work, and that’ll give you an advantage when promoting them to your visitors: For example, you should have no difficulty explaining to your site visitors the benefits of keyword software, for example.
Business: SEO and Keyword Software
Okay, so we recently explained that there isn’t such a thing as SEO software. And while that’s true, there are software services out there that can assist certain aspects of SEO — specifically, keyword creation. WordTracker and KeywordDiscovery are prime examples of effective keyword affiliate programs, but there are others, as well.
Also consider: QuickBooks affiliate program, Carbonite online backup affiliate program, HSBC Direct affiliate program, RevenueStreet affiliate program, GoToMyPC affiliate program, iContact affiliate program.
Consumer: Apps and Technology
Everyone knows that Apple technology is red hot at the moment, and shows no signs of slowing down. Consumers regularly seek out apps for their iPod and iPad devices, making the promote of this particular type of software affiliate program a solid SEO potential. And since Apps come in a ton of different shapes and sizes, they’re really the most solid choice for affiliates to get in on consumer software affiliate marketing.
Also consider: Corel Consumer software affiliate program, CNET affiliate program.
Remember, software affiliate programs are subject to varying levels of taxation and regulation. They also offer a widely different commission model structure than casino and poker affiliate programs. So, be sure to do your research before you begin and make sure you’re promoting the software affiliate programs in a way that’s the most profitable to your online business strategy.
Have you marketed software affiliate programs? If so, what’s worked best for you — or what have you found a little disappointing? As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts — sound off in the comments and let us know your experience with software affiliate programs.