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New Pre Paid Affiliate Payment Card Service Announced

In a “joint solution” designed to provide “fast payments in local currencies to affiliates around the world,” Intercash, a leading online payment solutions provider, has announced that a plan to integrate its technology with DirectTrack, an affiliate marketing and tracking platform, to offer international pre-paid affiliate payment cards.

“The integration will provide global pre-paid cash cards to affiliate networks and merchant programs from a variety of markets, including retail, financial services, agencies and iGaming,” company reps stated in a news release. “The joint solution will enable affiliate programs running on DirectTrack to quickly make commission payments in localized currencies to affiliates around the world.”

As of yet, DirectTrack has little presence in the online casino affiliate industry. But Intercash does: It’s already used by Winner Affiliates, some casinos in the Playtech network, and others. And this announcement will likely see it expanding that market share by offering something that’s always in demand: Alternate payment methods for gambling affiliates. (The fact that this news was distributed via online gambling channels strongly suggests that the companies are aiming to become major players in that market.)

Under the new offering, affiliate programs that use the new prepaid cards get instant, 24/7 access to their funds and info, in their local currency, via Intercash. Reporting will be available via the DirectTrack system.

“More affiliate marketing software providers are offering access to our safe and efficient payment solutions within their platforms,” said Patrick Seguev, Intercash CEO. “One of our most cost effective solutions, our new Intercash Zero program, allows merchants to issue pre-paid cards with zero investment. This option significantly reduces the upfront costs incurred with traditional payment methods and helps attract high-performing affiliates from international markets.”

“Affiliate networks and programs can gain a competitive advantage by processing affiliate payments through their DirectTrack systems,” said George Bordo, general manager of Direct Response Technologies. “Joining forces with Intercash to offer global pre-paid cards will provide our clients a new and cost effective way to further increase affiliate satisfaction and our company additional opportunities especially in markets such as iGaming.”