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New Players Get Fifty Bucks, Poker Lessons at PokerTime

January 11, 2011 (CAP PR Wire) – PokerTime offers online poker fans a chance to learn new skills, meet new friends and boost ones bankroll in a user-friendly setting. There is also a $50 Free to be claimed for all new players.

The $50 free time limited offer is a poker promotion championed by PokerTime and has been designed to help budding poker players by using the MyPokerLab “play and fix’ functionality to improve play, plug their leaks and watch their bankroll grow with $50 free.

“MyPokerLab is an online platform dedicated to poker analysis, education, community and entertainment,” a company rep stated in a news release.

Players will be able to analyse their game while they play as well as receive information and advice on every aspect of the game. Players will be able to engage with the online poker room’s vibrant poker community and have fun in the process.

Players simply need to set up an account and follow the step-by-step guide to take advantage of a wide range of articles on a variety of poker-related subjects, blog posts, lessons and amazing promotions. Players will also have the advantage of testing their poker-playing skills, identifying any weak points and receiving advice on how to tackle them.

When players sign in, they will be directed to a live dashboard which is continually and automatically updated. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern poker player.

It offers the biggest and most comprehensive multimedia course online including a special clinic which incorporates in-depth multimedia lessons tailored to fix any leaks in ones game.

The site also provides state-of-the-art, free hand-tracking and personalised reports including in-depth analysis of all aspects of one’s game.

The site has been designed to meet all the needs of the poker player. The spokesman added: “The great thing about MyPokerLab is that while you are playing poker time, we are doing the work for you.”

Members are given an overall score and graded on various points of their game. They can even discuss hands with other poker players and socialise.

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