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New Online Poker Room Causes Affiliate Complaints

Online poker affiliates have made accusations that a relatively new-born online poker room has been bailing out of payments, such as rakeback deals. Most surprisingly, the site is owned by the same people behind well-known and well-respected website CasinoAffiliatePrograms; also known as CAP.

‘We know and respect the folks behind CAP,’ a senior online gambling news editor stated. ‘For whatever the reason there are quite a few people who have it out for CAP, which sometimes makes it difficult to separate facts from fiction."

CAP, the people behind the hotly-anticipated and widely-reported online casino conferences, are a well-known and well-trusted site which leads many to believe that CardSpike is a one-time error. However, many players and affiliates are angry.

‘Since the launch of CardSpike, affiliates have made a number of complaints,’ claimed an affiliate of the site. ‘There are still outstanding payments owing to rakeback players.’

CardSpike is hosted on the ever-growing Cake Poker network.