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New Jersey Congress Passes Intranet State Internet Gambling Bill

With the signature of Governor Chris Christie, Internet gambling will become legal and regulated in New Jersey — “the first state in the nation. to allow its residents to play poker and other wagering games on their computers,” as puts it.

The Intranet-State Internet Gambling Bill was not only approved, but was greeted with enthusiasm by New Jersey lawmakers: The Assembly voted 63-11-3 in its favor yesterday. The New Jersey Senate had approved the bill by a 34-2 vote back in November.

The bill is as good as law, as soon as Christie signs. (Since the governor was actively involved with the bill’s companion legislation, regarding the state’s horse racing industry, it’s expected that Christie will probably do so. That signature could come any day.)

Specifically, the bill allows New Jersey casinos to “accept online wagers for games such as poker and blackjack,” per Bloomberg Businessweek. That applies only to New Jersey residents; an earlier provision that would have allowed international bettors access to the online casinos was removed.

More on industry reactions to the bill later in the week here at the CAP News page.