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New Google Tools Promising for Affiliates

December 9, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Continuing its roll-out of new online marketing tools, some of Google’s more recent announcements have significant promise for online gaming affiliates (and all affiliate marketers, for that matter).

Most promisingly, Google Analytics has been upgraded to include annotations, giving website owners and managers details about the behavior and location of their visitors. The product was introduced already, but has just been upgraded to become even more customizable.

“The most noteworthy new feature is the ability to leave annotations or notes within in analytics charts, helping to explain sudden spikes or drops in traffic,” writes Leena Rao at TechCrunch. “Annotations lets analytics users to leave shared or private notes right on the over-time graph in an effort to let users bring intelligence to data.”

The improvements to analytics also makes it easier to track information across multiple subdomains, and even includes a new tracking code setup wizard. In short, for those convinced that understanding visitation data will improve marketing performance, these upgrades are a dream come true.

Aside from analytics, Google has also announced improvements to its personalized search function. Personalized search now available to “signed-out users worldwide, and in more than forty languages”, meaning that, even when not logged in, users who search for specific key words will see results weighted towards what they have clicked on in the past.

Previously, this level of personalized search was offered only to signed-in users who had “Web History” enabled on their Google Accounts. It now extends to many more users. The benefits to online marketers and affiliates? Your keyword marketing can reach a lot farther and last a lot longer: If you get someone to your site once from one keyword, your site will continue to rank more highly in that user’s search patterns, increasing your chances of high rankings for other keywords, as well.

Read more here at TechCruch here, and more at Google’s official blog here.