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Mozilla Introduces 360 Degree Videos Demo

Mozilla is busy prepping Firefox 4 for release, offering a “release candidate version” of the software this week.

There’s been talk about this new version’s capability to make the most of HTML5which we discussed recently here at the CAP News page. The new version of Firefox is designed to showcase HTML5’s capabilities with a host of new features. The most striking (and exciting) of these new features is a 360-degree video capability.

Mozilla developed the new 360-degree feature in conjunction with GlobalVision, and has offered a demo page. To see the demos, head on over to, but you’ll need to have a browser that supports both WebGL, HTML5 as well as a recent set of graphics drivers to be able to see the 360-degree videos.

“Among the demos, you’ll find three time-lapse, 360-degree videos filmed in three beautiful locations: Angkor, Cambodia; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Cannes, France,” explains Stan Schroeder at “Other demos showcase shadow and lighting effects, interactive motivational poster creation and other possibilities that come with new web standards, fully supported in Firefox 4.”

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