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Legalize iGaming to Raise Revenue, Says Florida Lawyer

April 27, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Speaking at an American Bar Association meeting in Vancouver recently, Lawrence Walters, a prominent legal expert from Florida, predicted that the United States’ current bans on Internet gambling would be repealed in the near future. However, he believes that, instead of overturning the UIGEA on a nationwide level, these repeals would come via the action of individual states, who have the most to gain from the revenue that regulated gaming can produce.

"The first aspect we're going to see is individual states legalize some form of Internet gambling," Walters said, as quoted by Vancouver’s 24 Hours News website.

Walters’ opinion was corroborated in this opinion by Law professor Ed Morse of Nebraska’s Creighton University. Morse said politicians will start to realize the potential for economic development and job creation that would come with gambling expansion, especially important during these times of recession. "The Internet model allows revenues to be exported and costs to be imported," Morse said as a confirmation that online gambling is the focus for many politicans.

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