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Lawmakers Halt New Hampshire Online Gambling Plan

June 30, 2010 (CAP News Wire) – A setback to New Hampshire’s planned online gaming system is being reported. The state lottery board had in recent weeks announced a new plan to offer online gambling to its citizens in the form of online games that avoided UIGEA restrictions by requiring that tickets be bought offline.

But state lawmakers didn’t like the idea of being excluded from the decision to implement the new games, and so have effectively stopped the plan. And so, the new games won’t be offered starting tomorrow, as was the original plan.

Although the halt doesn’t appear to be permanent, a new date hasn’t yet been specified. “The state will postpone the launch of an online gaming site originally set to launch this week and spend more time educating leaders about the site,” reports New Hampshire’s WMUR-9’s website.

“Since there’s a lot of confusion a lot of misunderstanding, a lot of mis-education in the marketplace and the Legislature gave us a chance to reeducate folks,” NH Lottery Executive Director Charlie McIntyre was quoted in the article.

“The lottery said it plans to work with lawmakers and hopes to launch the new games soon, but no date has been given.”