JackpotCity.com UK Pays Out GBP98,081 to Weekend Slots Players

March 1, 2011 (CAP PR Wire) — The JackpotCity.com UK Online Casino has released its weekend winners list for the first two weeks of February 2011. The lists consists of players from across the UK and the total amount paid for the weekend periods that total 4 days is GBP98,081. The complete UK Weekend Winners list is included below:

1.  Keith M. – Warwickshire – winning GBP 31,411
2.  Simone P. – Aberdeen – winning GBP 10,543
3.  Robert L. – London – winning GBP 8,455
4.  Sam S. – London – winning GBP 6,295
5.  Scott J. – Middlesbrough – winning GBP 4,012
6.  Mark J. – Hertfordshire – winning GBP 9,887
7.  Caryn P. – London – winning GBP 3,796
8.  Herbert B. – Hertfordshire – winning GBP 3,790
9.  Sam S. – London – winning GBP 2,649
10. Mark C. – Manchester – winning GBP 2,070
11. Stephen C. – London – winning GBP 8,410
12. Roger C. – Berkshire – winning GBP 8,011
13. Keith M. – Stratford-Upon-Avon – winning GBP 3,118
14. Catriona C. – Aberdeen – winning GBP 2,437
15. Penny H. – Liverpool – winning GBP 1,460
16. Kim P. – Scotland – winning GBP 9,515
17. Gary A. – Redditch – winning GBP 5,770
18. Sam S. – London – winning GBP 4,452

The payouts for each winner only include the money won while playing Online Slots Games in the UK over the period of two weekends (4 – 5 February 2011 and 11 – 12 February 2011). The slots games played varied, but did include three of the latest online slots games to be added to the JackpotCity.com UK Online Casino games suit – The Private Eye Online Video Slot, the Planet Exotica Video Slot and the Queen of Hearts Online Video Slot.

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