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Is PokerStars Expanding into Euro Casino and Sports Betting?

PoikerStars not expanding into European casino market.Is PokerStars readying a serious expansion into the European casino and sports betting markets? That was the implication of a recent article titled, PokerStars to enter European casino, sports bet markets; dark days for public co’s. But PokerStars officials are saying the report doesn’t tell the whole story.
What They Said
The Calvin Ayre report of PokerStars’ alleged expansion efforts was based on a survey that went out to players e-mail boxes. That survey, which PokerStars says went out in late 2011, was aimed at finding out what other casino games they were playing and where they were playing them.
PokerStars’ Head of Corporate Communications, Eric Hollreiser quickly poo-pooed the expansion theory in an article on He said that the survey is not only outdated, but that that type of inquiry is part of the company’s regular business practices.
Hollreiser was pretty clear about his company’s current plans, but definitely left the door open for future expansions saying they he’s, “always open to new business opportunities that could strengthen our offering to players.” (Which is, of course, a great strategy for any business.)
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PokerStars on the March
There’s no question that PokerStars is making big moves in the industry, their purchase of Full Tilt Poker proves that. Given the opportunities at stake with the American market an expansion of this caliber is a bit of a stretch.
For now, it appears that almost everything in the article was based on speculation and educated guessing, and not facts. Until we hear otherwise, stories of PokerStars’ expansion into casino and sports betting markets should be dismissed.
Do you think that PokerStars will be expanding into European Casino and Sports Betting markets? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.