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iPoker 2 Licensees Join Forces

iPoker network licensees that didn’t make it to the new iPoker 1 Network are forming an advocacy group to discuss their prospects in light of recent policy changes from Playtech. They’re hoping that by combining forces they can prevent iPoker 2 from becoming a second tier network.
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What iPoker Licensees Want
Several operators discussed the matter in a recent article in EGR and raised a number of concerns about the iPoker split. More than anything, they worry that Playtech’s policy of limiting iPoker 1 to companies with 6,000 or more active players who bring in 850 new players a month, will leave them out in the cold.
While no one really knows how the changes to iPokers ecology will work out long term, they’re looking to hedge their bets by working together today. Here’s what one, unidentified operator told EGR:

If we work together we could shape the minor room into an area or a concept that appeals to a section of the poker market.

Getting Ready for iPoker Changes
PlayTech’s decision to split the iPoker Network was designed to create a better playing environment for recreational players.
Because iPoker 1 is aimed at a large market segment, companies have been clamoring to insure they’re eligible to participate. That’s lead companies like CelebPoker and Titan Poker to merge in order to get a piece of the action.
So far there’s no word on how the action group will be communicating or whether or not there’s a formal leadership structure to it. We’ll continue reporting on developments as they emerge.
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