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IPN Poker Pays Huge Jackpot

One lucky player on GTECH G2's International Poker Network (IPN) got a timely Christmas bonus after collecting an enormous Bad Beat Jackpot. The player, who goes by the name 72osRocks! was initially devastated after seeing his quad kings cracked by Nogis22's Royal Flush but his despair soon turned to delight.

"I was pretty EXCITED when I found myself holding four Kings," said the winner, "My heart sank when I saw my opponent's Royal Flush – but that changed quickly when I realized I was playing at a Bad Beat table!"

72osRocks! collected a mammoth €177,500 for the win. Nogis22 picked up €88,750 with three other players at the table each pocketing €29,583.

The IPN Bad Beat Jackpot is easier to win than on most other sites with players only needing to see quad sixes beaten (rather than quad sevens on other sites) to release the jackpot. To qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot on the IPN players must be sitting at a designated Bad Beat table and use both hole cards in their winning or losing hand.

International Poker Network is Europe's largest independent network and has just celebrated its 3 millionth player and dealt it's billionth hand. IPN rooms include Virgin, and For a full list click see here.