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Internet Gambling Fraud Warning Issued

March 31, 2010 (CAP Newswire) – In a warning that underlines the importance of online casino affiliate marketing directories like Casino Affiliate Programs, computer security group BitDefender has issued a cautionary report that the risk of online gambling fraud is on the increase.

The company “cautioned those looking to place bets on this year’s NCAA Basketball tournament to be aware of increased security risks associated with online gambling, especially during March Madness.

“Those that aren’t familiar with the laws surrounding online gambling represent an especially convenient opportunity for e-criminals to steal personal data and compromise systems,” the report continued.

Among the list of red flags the company cites are unsolicited messages and ads for online casinos and websites that simulate online casinos — the hallmarks of illegitimate online casinos that both harm the industry’s reputation and damage the ability for online gambling affiliates to make money online.

The warning is sure to be seen by many online gamblers and may trigger a wave of caution from players. Such news underlines the importance of online gambling affiliate directories and resources like, where the list of CAP Listed Programs provides a level of assurance that the casinos and Internet poker rooms you’re promoting are legitimate.

The warning was issued as March Madness sports betting season got underway, which is a time traditionally associated with higher levels of risk associated with online betting fraud. To read the original report, click here.