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Intercash offers a better way to get paid

Getting paid for your commissions can seem challenging at times. Many of the payment providers in the casino affiliate marketing space offer great services, but they function as middlemen.

You earn your commissions, they go to the payment service, and then you get paid.

While it’s a system that works fine most of the time, many affiliates and affiliate programs often feel they don’t want someone else controlling their money.  And it can be slow.

As a casino affiliate, it’s important to pay attention to your payments, because without them, you’ve got no business.

So when you’re looking at payment solutions, finding the right solution means asking the right questions.

1.    Is your current payment system trustworthy and secure?
2.    Are you paying too much in additional fees?
3.    Are you satisfied with how fast you’re getting paid?
4.    Is your payment discreet between you and your network?

If you answered no to any of those questions, or haven’t asked them of the solutions you currently use, you could lose money.

For iGaming affiliates, there are several options, with some more well known than others.  When looking at Neteller, Moneybookers, payspark, wire transfers, checks, or other solutions, one should know the advantages of each method and company.

While these companies are reliable, the challenge is that they often have slow processing times or high fees. In some cases they have both.

On the other hand, Intercash, a company that provides prepaid card and online payment solutions, offers an incredible payment solution for the iGaming community. A trustworthy brand with a 10-year track record, Intercash offers a pre-paid MasterCard card that delivers instant payments from merchants to affiliates, providing real, instant value to any affiliate marketing business in this industry.

Exclusive access to leading affiliate brands

The company is specifically friendly to the online gaming world. “We integrated our technology to most of the platforms and most of the tracking software that is being offered in the online gaming industries,” Intercash CEO Patrick Seguev recently told

Because of this integration, Intercash can offer affiliates exclusive access to payment solutions unavailable elsewhere. Intercash can process payments “immediately without any hassle” with a growing list of high-power merchants that includes:

•    Income Access and participating networks
•    Netrefer and participating networks
•    Europartners and participating networks
•    Every Matrix and participating networks
•    EGass and participating networks
•    Direct Response and participating networks
•    Winner Affiliates
•    Rummy Royal
•    EGO
•    Netplay TV

For merchants who aren’t partnered with Intercash yet, the Zero program allows operators and affiliate programs to offer Intercash as a payment option with Zero upfront investment, so it is easier than ever to get started. As demand for this innovative service continues, look for Intercash’s client list to increase as more affiliates and operators get on board and the network grows.

How Intercash works for affiliates

What else sets Intercash apart from other payment services? Intercash is fast and efficient. It offers an extremely secure, international, and discreet option. Once funds have been placed on a card, they’re under the total control of MasterCard and the affiliate — not merchants nor operators.

Unlike most of its competitors, Intercash brings a discreet and direct payment solution from merchants to affiliates, and charges no ewallet “middle-man” fees. Operators who partner with Intercash have a direct bank account used to fund their Intercash account, and payments come directly — and instantly — from that account to the card.
Currencies compatible with Intercash include the U.S. dollar, UK pound, and euro, as well as the Swedish krona and Swiss franc. Integration with more currencies is planned for the near future.

How to get started

Here’s how Intercash works for affiliates:

1.    An affiliate signs up at the Intercash registration page.
2.    The affiliate then receives his or her official card number.
3.    When requesting payment from an operator, the affiliate provides the Intercash card number. Provided both the affiliate and operator have Intercash accounts, a physical card will be mailed to the affiliate.
4.    Payment is credited to the affiliate’s Intercash account instantly, with no hold or waiting period.
That’s it! Using your new account number, you’re now set to process payments with the above list of operators instantly. For all other transactions, your new card functions just like a pre-paid MasterCard card, and can be used worldwide at ATMs, Points of Sale, and online.

Your chance to win €750

And here’s the best part: members who sign up for Intercash between now and June 30 get a shot at winning €750.

Click here for more information about the Intercash card.

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