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Incredible Online Bingo Growth from PartyGaming

October 16, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — As expected, PartyGaming yesterday reported an overall loss in its third quarter sales of four percent, compared to last year. But that isn't the intersting part of the story: The good news is that certain divisions of its company are showing amazing growth, particularly its online bingo sector, which has reported an astounding rise in sales to $13.2 million from just $2.0 million (!) a year ago.

With this in mind, CEO Jim Ryan is confident about how the year will end, reports the Wall Street Journal. The company’s online casino division rose 2 percent this quarter to $49.2 million. It’s only in the incredibly competitive online poker sector that the company continues to suffer, with Party Poker reporting an 8 percent drop in revenue.

The Gibraltar-based company is confident that it will turn its poker fortunes around, specifically by increasing bonuses paid out and expanding its customer loyalty program. Ryan told the Wall Street Journal that he thinks the poker division has reached its bottom, and that it would start showing growth next quarter.

In the meantime, it seems to be a great time to be a bingo affiliate with PartyGaming; players are clearly responding very positively to the brand. For details on PartyGaming’s online bingo affiliate program, click here. And to read the original article at the Wall Street Journal, click this link.