Income Access Translates its Affiliate Marketing Survey and Site

MONTREAL, QC. June 25, 2008 – French and Spanish speaking affiliate marketers in the online gaming sphere will now be able to participate in the Income Access affiliate survey and get an executive summary of the results. Designed to gage the preference of gaming affiliates, these translations will allow the survey to reach a larger cross section of the affiliate marketers. Affiliates who participate in the survey will be offered an executive summary of the results, and a full report will be available for purchase.

“The online gaming industry is extremely active in Europe,” said Nicky Senyard, CEO of Income Access. “As a result, players, operators, and affiliates come from many different countries and speak a variety of languages. By reaching out to Spanish and French speaking affiliates, we will be able to more accurately gage the preferences of affiliates the industry over.”


The leading provider of affiliate marketing solutions, Income Access, is conducting this survey to even further improve its quality of service to both affiliates and operators. Currently providing unparalleled tracking and reporting through its affiliate marketing software solution, this survey will guide future software developments to even better meet the needs of affiliates. The information gathered will also be used by Income Access’ affiliate team of 15 strong so that they can continue to offer unmatched support.


Comprised of 25 questions, the Income Access survey launched on July 2nd and will continue to run until the middle of the month. It will measure how affiliates market their portals, gather analytics, and keep up-to-date with best practices. The survey addresses how affiliates interact with account managers and participate at conferences, and the degree to which they are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing.


“Income Access has led the industry by focusing on relationships and gathering the intelligence to build them,” said Senyard. “We work closely with affiliates to help them succeed, providing them with extensive support and marketing tools. To better understand their needs and continue to deliver on our high standard of customer support, we’ve launched this survey to gather intelligence on what they need most out of an affiliate network and the software that powers it.”


The French language survey can be taken here:


The Spanish language survey can be taken here:


The original English language survey can be taken here:


“We’ve always been focused on building long-term relationships, and that requires having an understanding of our partners” said Nicky Senyard, CEO of Income Access. “As the market evolves, so do the needs of your partners. This survey is an extremely valuable exercise for both Income Access and affiliates. It will allow us to understand how affiliates are changing and what we can do to continue delivering the type of support they need to succeed.”


This survey translation is just the first of Income Access’ efforts to better serve the European market. Their corporate site is also currently undergoing translation into French and Spanish.


About Income Access

A leading provider of affiliate marketing solutions in the online gaming space, Income Access both operates an affiliate network and offers unparalleled affiliate marketing software. Emphasizing the development of proactive relationships, Income Access has partnered with some of world’s leading gaming operators and amassed a network of over 17,000 affiliates. Income Access provides merchants and affiliates the tools they need for success in the Bingo, Casino, Mobile, Poker, Soft Games and Sportsbook markets. Their partners include reputable and trusted brands such as Ladbrokes, JackpotJoy, Lasseters and Unibet.