Why Reviews Are Crucial for Affiliates and Players

Recently, C-Planet was added as another rogue affiliate program to the CAP directory. The failure of this once trusted affiliate program is a reminder of the need for objectivity on the part of affiliates when creating testimonials and recommending iGaming brands.
Remote Community
The competitive and remote working nature of the iGaming affiliate business can foster an “every man for himself” culture. Within this paradigm, the importance of objectivity in promoting casino brands can sometimes be overshadowed by the thirst for revenues. But this abandoning of objectivity in the pursuit of profit is inexcusable.
While it may at times not feel like it, every iGaming affiliate is part of a larger community. All members of this community have a responsibility to one another as well as their players to create objective and rational testimonials of iGaming products.
Doing Your Part
The life of an iGaming affiliate can be pretty sweet, but it’s important not to get so lost in enjoying its perks that you forget to do your part to help sustain the industry.
Here are responsibilities every affiliate should prioritize as their duties to the larger community within which they earn a living:

  1. Stay objective. Never let your integrity be compromised by an advertising relationship. If you receive information that calls into question the integrity of an affiliate program you are profiting from, it is your responsibility to put the iGaming community and your players ahead of your short-term profit potential. Create objective reviews. Call out rogue programs on gambling forums and blacklist them on your site. The more cohesive iGaming affiliates are in these objectives, the better your chances for long-term success in this industry.
  2. Stay relevant. Are you an affiliate whose income stream is running nearly on auto-pilot? Congratulations. Tim Ferris would be proud. But your responsibilities to the iGaming community are not over. Maintain a presence on CAP and other gambling forums to keep up to date with the latest industry happenings. When a previously-trusted program like C-Planet goes rogue, you need to be there to update your testimonials accordingly.
  3. Spring to action. If you acquire new information that changes your perception of an affiliate program or iGaming brand, speak up! Ask questions. Join the conversation. Further information is waiting to come flooding into your awareness, you just have to go looking for it. Email your affiliate managers on behalf of players with complaints. Generate contact with other affiliates who you can trust as a source of information. This industry might afford its participants plenty of alone time, but it remains important to stay connected!