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iGaming News Roundup – September 8-14

Who's getting frozen out from FTP funds?

The gambling industry is waking from its summer slumber with an active week on a number of fronts.
Anyone with an eye on the American market will definitely want to take note of some recent developments in New Jersey. And if you’re expecting a payout from the Full Tilt reimbursement, we might have some bad news for you.
Full Tilt Freeze Out – Former employees and affiliates of Full Tilt Poker may not be eligible for reimbursement, according to an e-mail from the Garden City Group, posted by the Poker Player’s Alliance. If true (it’s still unconfirmed) this would be another big slap in the face to FTP’s long-suffering American players.
CAP Network Launches – Casino affiliates who are looking to bring all their programs, and payments, under one roof can do so with the new CAP Network. This one-stop shop also offers exclusive deals and marketing campaigns for CAP readers.
Italy (Accidentally) Bans iGaming – Some sleepy Italian lawmakers somehow allowed a bill banning igaming pass an important legislative hurdle. The bill, which actually targeted video gambling, is likely to be overturned before it can do much damage to the industry.
AC Casino Revenue Down 5% -How low can it go AC? Casino revenue in August was a whopping 5% over the previous year. That big drop explains why New Jersey is so desperate to get igaming off the ground as soon as possible.
New Jersey Sets Nov. 23 iGaming Launch – Garden State gaming regulators have targeted November 23 as the launch date for legal casino igaming. Given the dismal state of NJ casinos, expect to see lots of action as the big day draws near.
Minnesota Electronic Pulltab Flop – Not all forms of legalized gambling actually pay off for cash-strapped states. In the State of Minnesota, a plan to finance a new football stadium with legalized electronic pulltab terminals has flopped in a major way. According to one report, revenues are off 100% from projections.