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How to Write News for Your iGaming Site

Creating online gambling news content on an ongoing basis isn’t an easy task for gambling affiliates. That’s because there isn’t always a lot of hot, breaking iGaming news that’s appealing both to consumers and insiders.

So how can fill that massive news hole that opens up between the last Calvin Ayre indictment and the next Black Friday? Here are a few tips for creating interesting gambling news content; even on a slow news day.

Complimentary Guest Blogs

The news doldrums are the perfect time to start developing guest blogging relationships with complimentary sites. You could even solicit panel discussions or Q&A’s from two or three handicappers in different sports on industry trends or tips.

Readers always want to feel like they’ve got an edge and guest bloggers can help give your site that insider feel.

Build Your Brand Personality

Developing a personality for your site isn’t easy, a slow news day is the perfect time to work on it. If you’re not comfortable branding yourself as the next Calvin Ayre, you could take a page out of Dominik Kofert’s book.

The cerebral CEO regularly contributes useful strategy and opinion pieces to his site. He’s the face of the site, but he doesn’t overwhelm it.

Whether you’re funny, smart or opinionated, you’ve probably got what it take to give your site some personality.

Drill the Basics

What’s your value proposition? If you’ve got one, a slow news day is a good time for reminding your readers what it’s all about.

This doesn’t have to be a hard sell, just a gentle nudge in the form of an FAQ or How-To story. Evergreen content like this can definitely be newsworthy if done correctly.

Industry/Reader Profiles

Gambling attracts some pretty colorful characters who are happy to share their opinions with the world. It’s always a good idea to have a few these folks in mind as potential profile subjects.

If you get a really good back-and-forth going with your subject, you can publish your profile in multiple parts. Industry profiles provide great content for your readers; raise your link profile; and help you develop good relationships in the industry.

Lose Your Tunnel Vision

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the land-based gambling industry when scouting out news. There are plenty of places where the online and land-based worlds cross paths, so don’t overlook them.


Coming up with compelling gambling news on an ongoing basis takes some effort but gets a lot easier as you develop sources and inspiration. All this effort pays off when you’re readers start seeing your site as the go-to place for daily gambling news.

What are your tips for coming up with online gambling news? Share them in the comments section below.