How To Think Like an Online Casino Gambler

As an affiliate marketer in the gambling space, you can achieve greater success by making one simple change: begin to think like an online casino player. By understanding the way that players think, you can better position your campaigns while targeting groups that give you the best chance of higher conversions.

Fun Facts

Have you ever taken a closer look at some of the more interesting stats regarding online players? Here are some details to consider, from a recent issue of GPWA Times:

  • $1 billion – the approximate amount that Australian players wager online every year (In case you missed it, check out Australian gambler statistics.)
  • 20% – the increase in online gambling in Poland (are you targeting this market)
  • 1.7 million – the number of United States males between the age of 18 and 22 who gamble online at least once a month


With these types of stats in mind, you can tweak your marketing campaign based on three specific details.

1. Sex. Are you targeting a male or female audience? If you are pushing sports booking services, for example, you are focusing your attention on men. This is the group that is most likely to bet on the Super Bowl and other big sporting events throughout the year.

2. Location. No two players are the same. However, targeting specific locations can help you narrow your promotions and adjust your content. For example, Spanish players are well known for their love of online poker. Are you providing the right content in the right language, based on where your target players live?

3. Income. Generally speaking, the more money a player has the more likely he/she is to make wagers online. While there is no way of knowing the earning power of a specific player, those who are interested in poker generally have a higher income than other games – such as lottery based. (Know how payment methods can influence your players.)

What about the personality traits of online casino players?

  • Many are introverted and shy.
  • Extremely interested in “alpha male” activities, including drinking beer, watching sports, and competing with others.
  •  Women players love slot machines.


Just as no two affiliates are the same, this holds true for players. However, if you can better understand the mind of the average online casino player you can increase your chance of success.

What audience are you targeting? Leave your comments below!