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How To Test and Refine Your Emails

4. Focus on sender and subject line. It’s funny how almost all effort in email marketing is put towards the body of the email which is something less than 20% of your subscribers are likely to see. One thing they’ll almost all see however is the subject line and sender. Think about it. Excluding emails that land in your spam folder, when don’t you read the subject of an email? It’s the first thing everyone sees and therefore an abundantly important component. Follow these rules:

  • Make the sender personal. Use your real name if you want. No one likes opening emails when the sender appears as an email address.
  • In the subject line, get right down to the benefit. You’ve got half a second to convince your reader to open this email. Tell them why they should rightnow.

5. Use the right software. There are plenty of email marketing platforms out there and not all of them are so great. iContact gives you all the tools needed for a great email marketing campaign.

6. Call your readers to action. What are you hoping to accomplish with your email? Help bring your readers towards that objective by clearly outlining a call to action within the email. They should know exactly what they need to do in order to meet the outcome you desire. Using a list or bullet points can help organize information and isolate their attention on the call to action.

Are there other tips you have for refining an email marketing campaign? Please share them in our forums!