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How To Test and Refine Your Emails

A solid email marketing campaign can literally make all the difference in your business. Each newsletter subscriber is a treasure-trove of potential conversions. You’ve got to get it right and deliver a top-notch marketing campaign to cash-in on this value.

Here are six tips for testing and refining your email marketing strategies:

1. Use A/B split testing. Most webmasters are familiar with A/B split testing which can help determine how valuable certain aspects of a page are. The same approach can be implemented for email marketing to test different strategies. A/B split testing can help satisfy the following curiosities:

  • which time of the day is best to dispatch emails
  • what brand(s) perform better than others in email marketing
  • which email marketing format results in more conversions
  • what subject line will result in more clicks
  • … etc

Divide your subscriber list in half and play around with it some. Send each group a different email, or the same email at different times, and take note of variations in sales metrics. This method enables you to test radically different marketing strategies against your current approach.

2. Create a double opt-in subscriber pathway. Tempting as it may be to do otherwise, one must value quality over quantity for their email list. Obtain explicit permission from everyone on your email list. This can be achieved by implementing a double opt-in subscription process that requires readers to confirm they want to subscribe by clicking a link in an email sent at the first opt-in point.

3. Personalize your campaign. Think about how much more receptive you are to an email that addresses you by name in the subject line. It’s a simple strategy that can go a long way towards creating conversions. Empower your readers by addressing them personally. Play around with A/B split testing to see what works best: calling them by their first name or addressing them formally by their last name.