How to make money as an online blackjack affiliate

Whatever else you might say about our industry, it’s certainly true that casino affiliate marketers don’t lack variety or opportunity. Within our broad category of online gambling and gaming, there are countless marketing niches that can be marketed to and explored.

Think of all the casino games: Baccarat, roulette, craps, and tons of card games. Each of these games offers opportunities for building unique content that caters to a more specific target market or keyword niche.
Consider, then, focusing a part of your casino affiliate efforts on a niche site or mini-site dedicated to one of the casino world’s less-known (but still popular) games, like online blackjack.
Let’s explore this niche in a bit more detail, then, and look at the casino affiliate programs that offer blackjack gaming as a viable niche that can help you reach greater online casino profits.
Marketing online blackjack
Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular card games, in and out of the casino. So, it makes sense that it’s one of Internet casino world’s most popular games, too.
But, popular as it is, it’s also not the most popular casino game — giving blackjack affiliates an edge when working to make online casino profits. Because it’s a smaller niche, then, more opportunity exists for affiliates to capture some search engine power.
Consider what Google’s keyword tool has to say about blackjack’s potential for earning online casino profits. Right now, the keyword “black jack” earns almost three million global monthly searches, while “blackjack” itself gets about 1.5 million:
Keyword    Global Monthly Searches (as of April 19, 2011):
black jack    2,740,000
blackjack    1,500,000
black jack online    301,000
online black jack    301,000
blackjack on line    246,000
blackjack online        201,000
online blackjack        201,000
free black jack    165,000
black jack free    165,000
black jack for free    165,000
Yet competition on all these terms is very low. Check out the accompanying screenshot: 
In addition to its universal popularity, then, blackjack represents an opportunity for marketers to grab some extra gaming traffic.
And, given that blackjack is also a wonderfully complex game, allowing side bets and a wide variety of play variations, it makes a pretty compelling marketing package for online gaming affiliates, anyway.
Pick your program
CAP Listed Program Bodog, best known for sports betting, also offers a great online casino, known particularly for its blackjack gaming. The company dealt its billionth blackjack hand earlier this year, and remains an online card gaming room that accepts U.S. players.
But pretty much every online casino offers blackjack too, so it’s possible to specialize in blackjack affiliate marketing while still staying faithful to your favorite online gaming rooms and affiliate programs.
All of the Internet’s most popular casino affiliate programs offer blackjack. Here’s a brief rundown of CAP Listed Programs known for blackjack-friendly gaming:
Gaming Room    Affiliate Program    Sign-up offer sponsored by CAP
Bodog Casino    Bodog Affiliates    35% revshare, first 60 days
888 Casino    888 Affiliates    45% revshare
Mansion Casino    Mansion Affiliates    70%/60%/50% first 3 months
Lucky Live Casino    Live Casino Partners    50% revshare, first 3 months
Celtic Casino    Live Casino Partners    50% revshare, first 3 months
betED Casino    betED Affiliates    40% revshare, first 3 months
Royal Ace Casino    AceRevenue    40% revshare + $50 CPA, first 3 months
SilverOak Casino    AceRevenue    40% revshare + $50 CPA, first 3 months
Pamper Casino    CasinoAffiliateNow    50%/45%/40%, first 3 months
Boyle Casino    BoyleSports    40% revshare, first 3 months
Super Slots Casino    Casino Coins Affiliate Program    40% revshare, first 3 months*
* other offers available

Blackjack affiliates, speak!
Do you have any direct experience as a blackjack affiliate? If so, sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of blackjack marketing as a way to make online casino profits.