How To Handle Missed Payments from Operators

You’ve have a great month as a gaming affiliate. Your users are happy, you are funneling great business to your affiliate partner(s), and now it’s time to be paid for your efforts. So, where is your payment?
Not getting paid on time as an affiliate can be frustrating, but when your payment is two or three weeks late—or doesn’t show up at all—you have every right to be pissed. However, before you blow up and terminate your partnerships, here are some steps to take first.
Email Your Affiliate Partner
Sending off a simple reminder email usually does the trick. Most affiliate partners are not villains, or out to steal your work for nothing in return. Contact your representative at the company or the accounting department, and send them your invoice (or forward it if this is a second attempt) and an email stating you haven’t received payment.
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Call Your Affiliate Manager
If you haven’t received payment or any contact after sending your reminder email, follow up with a phone call. Businesses today receive countless emails and some get lost or are never received. A person-to-person conversation may help. Also, while you have your affiliate manager on the phone, ask if they are receiving your invoice/emails. There may be a technical issue involved.

Send a Certified Letter With Contract
If a phone call and emails are still not warranting payment, send a certified letter to the manager with a copy of your contract and invoice enclosed. Inform the manager of your previous attempts to collect and the problems you’re experiencing. Be polite in this letter, as you are dealing with someone who you haven’t had contact with before and could be unaware of an operating problem at the company. Also, insist that the manager contact you upon receipt.
Take Legal Action
When all else fails, and it’s clear that you will not be receiving payment from this company, it’s time to take legal action. Now that you have the manager’s name/contact information, send another certified letter that you are planning to file a lawsuit. If this falls on deaf ears, contact an attorney. Many lawyers offer free consultations and will discuss with you your legal rights and litigation options.
And remember, you can always submit a complaint to our resolution center at CAP! We’ll do everything we can to help you solve your problem.
Have you faced a hard time receiving payment from an affiliate partner? Was the issue resolved without legal action? Any advice you’d like to give? Tell us in the comments below.