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How Online Casino Affiliate Marketing Can Generate Extra Cash for Your Website

Most people think of online casinos as ways to lose money. This is a possibility, of course, if you recklessly and randomly wager, or follow bad money with good.


The truth is, though, that online casinos can be, and often are, FANTASTIC places to make money online — potentially lots of it. But maybe not in the way you might think.


Online casinos spend billions of dollars annually advertising for new business and, frankly, they like giving it to regular people annd business owners more than they do to advertising agencies and media outlets. Many, many people take advantage of this opportunity, and some websites with heavy traffic pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars from the opportunities that online casinos present to anyone and every one. Online casinos set up what they call affiliate and referral programs and they pay quite heavily for them.


They do this because it makes them money, of course. And that's a two-way street — in this case, you or your business or your website can make money too, and it's really quite simple.

You don't have to hit the slots or win big in an all-or-nothing roulette bet to make some serious coin — there are a number of ways you can make money besides winning and gambling. You can refer someone to an online casino and make money. Seriously! It's really just about that simple. "Hey Tom, you ought to check out this casino I've been playing roulette at. We can play together online even." And just like that, you could make yourself some extra cash. No fuss, no muss, you can have fun and get some money deposited to your account. Most casinos allow their online casino deposit methods to be used for affiliate payouts as well.


Many people make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with casino affiliate programs, and it requires little effort if you know what you're doing. All you have to do is make a few simple modifications to your website and check your account from time to time to see how many of your people went to the casino and joined, and then you actually get a percentage of all of the money that they spend there. That can be quite a lot of dough — and the payouts aren't too shabby, either.


In order for you to get paid, a referred person has to start with a minimum deposit and they have to begin or stay for a certain short period of time. It's all common sense stuff. They don't want to give money away for free; they want to give money away for new business. All online casinos offer a revenue share program that pays you 25 to 40 percent of the money spent by the players you refer, for as long as that player remains a member. Some online casinos offer a CPA deal which pays you a flat rate per customer.


Do you have a website or an online business? Do you get any traffic? Then this is a great and simple way to add extra revenue to what you already have. Online casino affiliate marketing offers another, potentially more lucrative opportunity for online casinos to pay you some good cold hard money, while also providing some entertainment to your website traffic. And CAP is the place to be to find out what programs are perfect for your website. Take a look around — you're sure to find something that matches what you're looking for. 

About the Author: Edwin Goldberg us a senior writer at and has been working in the casino affiliate industry for 11 years.