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Highest-Earning CEOs of Online Gambling

Internet gaming is a multibillion dollar industry and the executives at the top of the pile get a nice chunk of that rake. Here are some of iGaming’s top executives and the compensation packages that keep them motivated.

Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan – Co-CEO PartyGaming Plc.
Jim Ryan’s been the head honcho at PartyGaming since 2008 and gets around €1,108,214 ($1,452,890 USD). Like most big-time executives, his compensation isn’t just based on an annual salary, which accounts for €573,000 of that number. The rest of his annual earnings come in the form of a €519,281 bonus.Ryan is also fortunate enough to be sitting on around €738,000 in company stock options.
So far he’s only cashed in on €325,000  of those options. In all likelihood, he’s betting on PartyGaming’s continued success before putting the rest of his shares on the market. If the company’s forays into the US market are successful, the value of those options should increase substantially.