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Google Penguin: Have You Been Hit?

Penguin updateAs an affiliate, there’s a good chance that you rely heavily on Google organic traffic. In short, the more traffic you receive the more money you earn.

But what would happen if your website(s) suddenly lost their rankings and your traffic tanked? Well, this is what many affiliates are currently dealing with thanks to the recent Penguin update.

How To Tell If You’ve Been Affected

Wouldn’t it be great if you could log into your Webmaster tools account for more information on how you have been affected? Unfortunately, Google never makes things this easy. Instead, you are on your own when it comes to finding answers.

According to a recent article from Hubspot, you may not learn anything from your Webmaster tools account but you can head over to Google Analytics for a better idea of where you stand.

There are three key details to look for:

  • Have you seen a dip in traffic sometime after April 24, 2012? If so, there is a good chance that your site was affected by the Penguin update.
  • Has your traffic remained relatively close to what it was in the past? It is time to rejoice – this means that your site probably was not impacted in any way.
  • Are you receiving more traffic? Contrary to popular belief, there are always winners (among many losers) after any Google update. If you are seeing more traffic, it means that you benefited from the update.

You won’t even have to look at your traffic stats to determine if the Penguin update has affected you. Instead, you can simply check your revenue numbers. If they are down, there is a good chance that your traffic stats have fallen off as well.

Do you know where you were ranked before Penguin for particular keywords? If so, compare these rankings against where your site appears right now. This alone will answer many questions.

Did you make it through the Penguin update unscathed? Or did your sites take a hit?