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Google Panda News, Refreshes and Updates: June 2012

Google Panda updates are a permanent fixture on the SEO scene these days. Every month the search engine giant refreshes or updates the Panda algorithm that’s such a headache for so many in the affiliate marketing world.

It’s worth noting that most of the developments this month revolve around refreshes rather than actual updates. Google is simply indexing sites again using the same, version 3, Panda algorithm they’ve been using for a while now.

There have been so many refreshes that the folks at SEORoundtable openly wished for a new version entirely before they run out of decimal point numbers!

Here are the latest updates and news on what that pesky Panda was up to in June, 2012.

  • Panda 3.7 – There was plenty of buzz last month that the Google had updated or refreshed Panda but no one, including us was completely certain. It turns out everyone was right, just early. On June 8, Google announced that it had indeed refreshed Panda. As usual, Google said the refresh only impacted less than 1 percent of all queries.
  • Panda 3.8 – Another Panda refresh rolled out on June 25 and it also effected, “less than 1 percent of all queries,” according to Google. Given the fact that billions of queries are conducted each month, this could still be a pretty significant number.
  • Panda 4? – Google keeps a pretty tight lid on information so guessing when Panda 4 might roll out is anybody’s guess. In researching this article we found nothing to indicate that a new version of Panda is imminent, though affiliates can expect to see refreshes every four to six weeks.

Staying Ahead of Panda (and Penguin)

It’s been over a year since Google first rolled out Panda in an attempt to get control of increasingly shoddy web content. We can hardly blame anyone who got caught in Panda’s wake the first time, but by now everyone should be in tune with the concept of quality content. If these refreshes are still giving you trouble, here’s the number one tip to consider:

  • Revisit Quality Issues – Maybe you’ve genuinely tried to improve the quality of your sites and just aren’t up to the task. There’s no shame in hiring a freelancer to write, or at least edit, your copy. If money is an issue, try weighing out the price of the writer versus the cost of lost revenue.

If you need more advice on how to get past Panda, check out Rebuild Your Rank After Panda.