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Google Highlights In-Depth Articles

Google’s getting ready to highlight high quality, in-depth content on its search pages. This is a big deal for casino affiliates who are ready to start publishing some meatier content.

How Google Flags In-Depth Content

Under the new plan, content creators will be able to tag their more in-depth content for evaluation by Google’s search bots. From there, the famous Google algorithm will determine which articles actually qualify for in-depth status.

In-depth articles will appear in the main search column and will not be presented as a sidebar.

In typical Google fashion, the exact details of what constitutes an in-depth article. They have, however, released a set of guidelines to help publishers flag their more serious content.

Do End-Users Want In-Depth Content?

If you’ve spent much time on the Web lately, you’ve probably noticed that in-depth content isn’t exactly the industry standard. In fact, it seems like listicles and Buzzfeed-friendly content has dominated the Web lately. While that’s true, Google is company that works with scale.

According to Google, a full 10% of Internet users are looking for in-depth content. With over 600 million daily visitors (not unique visitors), that adds up to a lot of happy customers.

In-Depth Casino Content

Most casino affiliates don’t produce a lot of in-depth content because they’ve never have to produce in-depth content. That said, this could be an opportunity to come up with some beefy articles that help lift your site’s overall profile.

Some ideas for in-depth content include:

  • Narrowly Focused Strategy Guides – Sports betting and poker are the obvious choices here, but even bingo and slot players need money management strategies.
  • Getting Started Articles – Think of something goes a little further than your standard FAQ.

In short, Google’s new focus on in-depth content could be a big boost for affiliates who want to go deep.

Will this new feature inspire you to create more in-depth content? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.