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Google Currents: What You Need To Know

Tablet and smartphone users are always looking to keep themselves up to date on the latest trends. A few days ago, Google launched a new service dedicated to that to very thing: Google Currents.
Google Currents is a newsreader application that has a lot of potential for affiliates. In order to bring Google Currents to owners of touch-enabled smartphones and tablets, Google is collaborating with more than 150 major publishers including the Forbes and the Huffington Post. With Currents, users can subscribe to these publications and view the most popular content online. If Flipboard was looking for competition, then Google is up for the challenge.
Currents is also integrated with Google+, enabling users to share great stories with others in their circles. Smartphone and tablet users can also receive updates on their Google Reader subscriptions in a more convenient platform.
Google Currents can be a powerful content curation tool for affiliates. Whether you are looking for new information to develop content for your websites or sharing content to impress followers on your social networking sites, Google Currents may be just what you are looking for.
Finding the most popular content as it starts popping is a key element of affiliate marketing. Google Currents may help you develop content that you can use to create hot, link-bait worthy content for your affiliate site.
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After all, the stories that show up in Google Currents reflect some of the most popular content online. Therefore, they make some of the best sources for affiliates looking focusing on bringing the hottest and most timely content to their readers.
What are your thoughts on the implementation of Google Currents? Share your thoughts in the forums.