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Google Antitrust Decision By Year’s End


The FTC will decide whether or not to pursue antitrust charges against Google by the end of the year, says FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz. Google is accused of manipulating search algorithms to favor their own products.

Chairman Leibowitz’  remarks were delivered at Georgetown Law School luncheon earlier this week. He stressed that the FTC is taking a slow, deliberate action in the case which is probably an indication of the complexities of antitrust litigation.

The company is also facing other Federal litigation, but that could take a lot longer to resolve. “Our rules of administrative litigation will ensure Google a trial within eight months, much faster than in the federal district courts.”

Google is facing similar legal action in Europe, where they’re facing fines of as much as $3.8 billion.

For their part, Google denies the allegations and says that any algorithm tweaks are designed to enhance customer experience.

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