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Google Analytics IQ Qualification Rasied

February 2, 2010 (CAP Newswire) – Starting off the new year with its usual ambition, Google Analytics, the industry standard for SEO and Internet marketing statistics, has announced  a number of changes that may not seem huge but will certainly have an impact.

First, the company has announced that it’s raised the bar for online marketers who wish to become Google Analytics “qualified”. The passing grade for the Google Analytics IQ test has been raised from 75 percent to 80 percent. 

“Online retailers, agencies, large consumer brands and non-profits are just a few of the many kinds of organizations that rely on people who are trained in Google Analytics,” explains the Google blog. “So, we’ve decided to raise the bar on what it means to be Google Analytics qualified and increase the minimum passing score from 75% to 80%.”

Don’t worry, though — if you previously scored Google Analyrics IQ qualification for a score between 75 and 80 percent in the past, you’re still qualified; Google won’t revoke past scores.

The second announcement: Google Analytics has now made itself available in six additional languages, bringing the grand total up to 31. The new languages are mostly Eastern European, with some Southeast Asian thrown in for good measure:  Bulgarian, Catalan, Greek, Lithuanian, Slovak, and Vietnamese.

More details on these and other Google Internet marketing news items can be found at Google’s own Analytics blog, here.