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Google Algorithm Updates Top Concern for SEMs

If Google algorithm changes are keeping you up at night, you’re hardly alone. Ninety percent of SEMs are feeling significant impact from Google algorithm changes and the rise of mobile search. That’s the major take away from the SEMPO State of Search Marketing Report 2012.

The report drew from over 900 survey responses from SEMs across the world. SEMPO’s report broke respondents into two major categories, in-house/company; and agency workers.

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Algorithm Updates

But no matter where they were located Google’s Penguin and Panda updates were the big news. A whopping 87 percent of respondents in the in-house/company category had “significant” or “highly significant” impact on their operations.

On the agency side, 85 percent of respondents were similarly impacted by the updates. So if you’re in that 12-15 percent of SEMs who weren’t dinged by the Panda or the Penguin, congratulations, you’re in an elite group.

Mobile Marketing

On the agency side of the business, more respondents said that mobile search and local search were issues they were dealing with. That’s not so surprising given that agencies are more likely to be working with specific, land-based companies than affiliate partners.

A full 92 percent of agency folks saw some impact from the rising significance of mobile search. While only 87 percent of in-house/company respondents saw mobile search as significant, that number will likely grow in the months and years to come.

 We know most affiliates are feeling the algorithm pain, but what about mobile search? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.