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German Lottoland Player Cashes in on €90 Million Jackpot

Lottoland likes to bill itself as a disruptive market force that’s shaking up the worldwide lottery market. While that may be true on a global level, it’s certainly true on a local level for a German building cleaner known only as, “Christine.”
On June 1, as she was wrapping up an evening’s work, Christine pulled out her phone and realized that she’d won €90 million ($106 million USD) playing the winning numbers of that night’s EuroJackpot lottery draw on Lottoland. Thanks to Lottoland’s model that allows players to wager on the outcome of international lotteries, while playing for the same jackpots, Christina’s life has been radically transformed.
“I’ve always wanted to travel and visit new countries,” she told Lottoland officials, “Finally I’ll be able to afford my dream holiday. driving coast to coast across the USA in a camper van.”
As for Lottoland, they’re now on the hook for what is the largest online gambling win history, but they don’t seem too upset about the big payout. Even though the company’s insurers will actually foot most of the bill, a company official told Christine’s big win, “…does not cause us a headache or affect our ILS (insurance-linked securities ).”
The ILS they’re referring to is the insurance policy Lottoland took out recently with Lloyds of London, among other insurers, to help defray the costs of this kind of payout. Just a few months ago the company increased its coverage to $120 million…which has proven to be an excellent idea.
Lottland’s previous biggest payout was for €14 million ($16.5 million USD) back in 2016.