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Gambling News Roundup: August 18-24

Wynn is ready to take on New Jersey.

As summer wanes, the Gambling industry is getting back to work with interesting news tidbits on all fronts.
Not surprisingly, the rush towards regulated gaming in the United States is continuing full bore, while European operators continue entering the kinds of sponsorship deals that would have US sports commissioners clutching their pearls.
Here’s what you need to know from the week that was…
Gambling News

  • California Ices Online Poker BillWill California ever get into the regulated online poker business? If the number of dead poker bills on the legislative floor are any indication, the answer is an emphatic, “no.” This week yet another bill was shelved after Cali’s many gambling factions failed to agree on, literally, any part of the bill. Keep trying Golden State!
  • Wynn Applies for New Jersey Online License – Wynn Resorts filed an application for a New Jersey Internet gambling license. Though the company neither operates a casino in Atlantic nor partnered with one, it’s expected that one of those events will occur after the license is approved.
  • BetOnline Unveils Strip Sports Betting – In an attempt to drum up interest in live-betting on US football will be hosting a strip betting feature during Sunday and Monday night NFL games that is exactly what it sounds like. While this is no doubt appealing to casual fans, others might have trouble getting past the, “ick,” factor.
  • Paddy Power Partners with Arsenal – Paddy Power just signed a three-year deal with the Arsenal Football Club to be their official betting partner in the UK, Ireland and Italy. This is an extension of a previous partnership between the two brands.

SEO News

  • Google Highlights In-Depth Content – Google will be highlighting heavy content that’s been marked up as, “in-depth.” This could be a chance for smaller publishers to compete with big brands that aren’t interested in producing beefy content. (Though some SEO’s have already complained that the new feature already favors web publishing heavies like the New York Times.)
  • No Connection Between +1’s and Rankings – In response to an SEOMoz story that implied a connection between +1’s and Page Ranks, Matt Cutts said that there is no connection. Cutts says that great content gets shared and ranks better all on its own. So there.

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