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15 Gambling Headlines That Need to Happen

Almost everyone in the online gambling industry was jaw-droppingly shocked when the DOJ dropped off their Christmas gift that pretty much legalized online poker.
With legalization on the march in the United States; and liberalization afoot abroad, here are a few other gambling headlines that need to happen.
1. Player Shaving App Available for Mobile – Most affiliate partners would jump at the chance to own an app that tracked the activity of supposedly inactive players. This would shut down player shaving once and for all.
2. Federal Government Approves Kyl-Reid – Federally regulated online gambling would be great news for big-time gaming companies. This bill would set one set of standards for online gambling across the United States.
3. Federal Government Shelves Kyl-Reid – Smaller gaming companies that are already established in markets the big boys have left behind much prefer state regulation over Federal oversight.
4. File Under Asia #1 – Japan Legalizes Online Gambling – With a population of around 125 million and a strong love for all things technological, Japan is the ideal location for a serious mobile gaming boom.
5. File Under Asia #2 – Vietnam Legalizes Sports Betting – Vietnam is one of the fastest growing Asian economies and sportsbooks would love to see some of that cash flowing their way. According to recent reports, this headline may actually appear in the near future.
6. File Under Asia #3 – China Legalizes Online Gambling – China’s 1.3 billion residents are enjoying a serious economic boom, but they still can’t gamble online. This massive market is the biggest prize in the gambling world.
7. New Jersey Wins Sports Betting Fight- Legal sports betting in the United States has to happen sometime and there’s no better place for it than the Garden State.
8. EU Standardizes Licensing and Taxes – Navigating the patchwork of gambling regulations in Central Europe is a real headache. A little standardization by way of a Euro-Kyl-Reid could go a long ways in this department.
9. DOJ Drops Charges Against Calvin Ayre – Ayre is a big mouth who has repeatedly thumbed his nose at the DOJ but that’s not really a crime. It’s time for the Feds to point their guns elsewhere.
10. US Full Tilt Players Paid – Though there finally seems to be some movement on this front, the wait for US players has gone one entirely too long.
11. Rogues Pay Up – If all the rogue affiliate programs paid up at once, about half of CAP’s readers would be headed to retirement.
12. Google Chills Out About Gambling – Come one Google, online gambling isn’t going anywhere and even the Feds have chilled out a bit. Isn’t it time that you did the same?
13. UK Bingo Fever Spreads Worldwide – If online bingo was as popular worldwide as it is in the UK, most gambling affiliates would be sporting top hats and monocles inside of a week.
14. T&C’s Go Legalese-Free – Affiliate marketing is all about partnerships. So would it be too much to ask for T&C’s that were straightforward and had no hidden pitfalls?
15. Gambling Industry Bans Alcohol at Trade Shows – Just kidding! We’ve seen enough online photo galleries to know that booze is an absolutely essential component of a successful gambling trade show.