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Full Tilt Poker Ready to Offer Casino Games

Getting ready for an expansion.

Full Tilt Poker is preparing to add casino games to its online offerings. It’s the first time the big-time poker brand has stepped out of its comfort zone by offering anything but poker.
The new product line will be called Full Tilt Gaming and could seriously shake up the online casino market if done correctly.
After all,  Full Tilt Poker is an established (if slightly sullied) brand name that’s backed by the powerful Rational Group. With that kind of marketing muscle and established player base, the company is moving in like the proverbial 300-pound gorilla.
In a statement to, company officials made it clear that their new found interest in casino games would not come at the expense of their established poker business:

These new games on Full Tilt will provide more gaming options with the same high quality player experience, integrity, security, safety and support that players have come to expect from our brands. PokerStars will continue to offer a poker-only experience.”

Adding casino games to their portfolio makes good sense for Rational Group, which is desperately searching for entry points into the US online gambling market.
So far there’s no word on when Full Tilt Gaming will get its official launch.
What impact do you think Fill Tilt Gaming will have on the online casino industry? Share your opinion in the comments section below.