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French Legal Online Gambling Situation Clarified

March 19, 2010 (CAP Newswire) – As it is, unfortunately, in many countries today, the online gambling legal situation in France is complicated, and only getting more so. But recently, a French online gambling news source — and member of — has announced a new service to help online casino affiliate marketing industry understand what’s what regarding the legality of online gambling in that Western European country.

The site,, has signed up legal expert Marie Godard in an effort “to help players, operators and affiliates understand the constantly changing legal climate of France’s online gambling industry,” the company stated in a recent news release.

Godard, who holds a Master’s degree in law, has written an in-depth guide examining French online gambling law — especially relevant given that nation’s recent legal battles over whether or not it can restrict its Internet gambling market to French-only companies.

The document looks at the big picture, examining the issue of EU free trade in establishing its conclusions on French law. The new document also looks at “how the law will change France’s online gambling industry and what it will mean for international players and operators.” And the guide is just the beginning of a regular blog series by Godard.

Read the original press release here, and check out’s website here (in French).