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First-Ever Play65 Affilicon Tournament Winner

June 11, 2009 — Ishai Shotten is the winner of Play65's first ever Affilicon backgammon tournament, held last week during the Affilicon conference in Israel. Ishai, who has been a Play65 partner since the very beginning of the affiliate program, bested a row of backgammon sharks and took home the first prize — a brand new Nintendo Wii. Afterwards, we had a little chat on the Play65 affiliate program, being an affiliate and playing backgammon.

Ishai Shotten has been in the affiliate business since 1998, and according to him, he heard about the Play65 affiliate program even "before it was created." In addition to Play65 backgammon, Ishai also promotes casino and poker sites, and despite his appreciation for the Play65 website ("the software and gameplay are good") he prefers playing the backgammon game off-line with friends or against his affiliate colleagues.

Play65 Partners: What do you think about Play65partners affiliate program? If you could change it, what would you do?

Ishai Shotten: "It’s decent.  I’d add a cashier option with different withdrawal methods and the current balance. Treat affiliates like you would treat players."

PP: Which internet marketing tools do you use to promote Play65 and other sites?

IS: "I do mostly SEO, so I don’t really use any tools except for hard work."

PP: What are the things you enjoy the most about being an affiliate? What things you hate about it?

IS: "I love the freedom and the fact that I can do whatever I want whenever I want, which is also what I hate as I am my own boss and have to set an example to my employees and myself."

PP: Finally, What tips can you give to a new affiliate in this business?

IS: "Work hard and be persistent, your success will be the byproduct of your work."

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