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Facebook Supports Online Gambling in the UK?

Facebook is clearly taking a more liberal view towards online gambling. Earlier this year, they changed their advertising policies, allowing online gambling companies to advertise in jurisdictions where such services are regulated. They have even also offered Facebook games, allowing users to earn Facebook credits.

According to a rumor published in EGR Magazine, Facebook may also be developing a platform for its users to earn cash gambling. They won’t be able to take advantage of the market for online gaming in the United States, unless Congress changes the landscape of online gaming laws.

However, sources claim that Facebook operators have begun engaging in conversations with social gaming entrepreneurs and other gaming professionals in the UK. If Facebook intends to open up itself to the UK gaming market, there is a good chance it will expand into other European markets later.

Facebook may be looking to develop an online gaming platform as early as the first quarter of 2012. Before they can do so, Facebook executives have a lot of issues they would need to sort out first, including:

  1. Setting up a revenue sharing plan with their partners.
  2. Developing and launching the apps.
  3. Implementing a system to keep minors from accessing online gambling services.
  4. Replacing the Facebook Credits program and implementing a payment system.

Under their current arrangement with developers, Facebook takes a 30% cut of all revenues earned through the Facebook Credits program. However, their system with real-money gambling may require a different setup.

These rumors have yet to be verified. However, Facebook’s implementation of its Facebook Credits program and its new advertising policies show they are taking a more liberal approach to online gambling. Therefore, it is possible Facebook is looking to get into the online gaming market.

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