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What Facebook IPO Means for Gaming Affiliates

Mark Zuckerberg is about to get a whole lot wealthier.

When Facebook stocks go public on Friday, Silicon Valley will spurt out a few thousand new millionaires, a new multi-billionaire and a whole lot of hype. But will the Facebook IPO change anything for Facebook users and, more importantly, casino gaming affiliates?

Yes, Facebook is going to change a lot as the result of the IPO because the company will have a few million new bosses, otherwise known as shareholders. Shareholders, like most bosses are looking for employees who are going to make them money and that could have a significant impact on gaming affiliates.

Facebook Needs Revenues

Facebook will almost certainly be looking for new revenue streams in the post-IPO environment and that means real-money gambling could emerge sooner, rather than later. Zuckerberg and company have been warming up to the gaming industry for a while and it seems as though that relationship will continue to grow.

Don’t be surprised to see Facebook offering real-money gaming options for residents of countries where online gambling is legal in the very near future. Given its mature market, the UK is a likely starting point for this effort. And don’t be surprised if Facebook becomes the center of gaming action when intrastate poker goes online in states like Nevada.

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Facebook as a Player Acquisition Tool

How real-money Facebook gambling will work is still something of a mystery, but for gaming affiliates, it should be a top notch tool for new player acquisitions. Facebook users are open to spending money on gambling already. After all, Zynga makes millions of dollars every year selling virtual pokers chips on their insanely popular Texas Hold ‘Em game.

There’s no reason to think that won’t carry over into real cash gambling.

More Mobile Apps

Social media and mobile apps are a match made in heaven and Facebook has made no secret of their desire to build on this lucrative trend. Already more than half of all Facebook users access the site from their phones so much of the infrastructure is already in place. Facebook filings make no secret of their intention to build on this market to increase revenues.


When Facebook is searching for new revenue sources, the booming affiliate marketing world is likely to come out ahead in the game.

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