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Facebook Changes Policies On Gambling Advertisements

Until last week, Facebook has been pretty conservative about allowing ads to gambling sites. They wouldn’t even allow advertisements in situations allowed by law.

Facebook revised its guidelines on August 23. This is a major decision which is likely to have a huge impact on online casinos and affiliates will be profoundly affected by the decision.

What do these changes mean for you? That depends. You need to be aware of the policies, as well as the benefits and implications.

Facebook’s New Policies On Gambling Ads

Gambling sites are now allowed to advertise on Facebook, but certain provisions apply:

1. All advertisements must be carefully targeted. Facebook allows online casinos to advertise to users who are legally old enough to gamble in their jurisdiction. Gambling ages vary between countries.

2. Online casino advertisements are only allowed in specified countries.
Facebook does not allow advertising for casinos or other gambling establishments in the United States. They are currently using their discretion on where gambling sites can be advertised and clearly don’t want to violate laws in any country.

3. Offline casinos may be promoted. Offline casinos may also be promoted via Facebook in the United States. The same policies on targeting ads to appropriate audiences apply.

4. Policies on advertising for lotteries. Lotteries operating in the United States may advertise, provided they follow the laws of the jurisdictions. Facebook’s policies for lotteries also require ads be targeted to appropriate audiences.

5. All advertisements require Facebook approval. Facebook evaluates every gambling site prior to approval.

Facebook is probably changing its gambling policies to boost advertising revenue, but it’s decision will benefit online casinos as well.

Direct Sales Partnership

Gambling sites may purchase ads through a direct sales partnership with Facebook. These partnerships require a serious commitment. Facebook requires they purchase no less than $30,000 worth of ads every month.

Additionally, online casinos must setup advertisements through special arrangements with the social networking site. They cannot purchase ads through ad tools.

Polices On Sites Providing Information

Facebook’s policies are intended to regulate gambling sites. Websites that offer tips on gambling are not held to the same standards. A website providing information or advice on gambling may place ads on Facebook, provided the site does not directly link to an online casino. This means the policy change will not benefit you if you are running an affiliate or other third party site. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to create ads to a hub site to indirectly promote an online casino.

Implications of Facebook’s Changes

More people spend their time on Facebook than any other website in the world. Facebook can help casinos target their ads to their demographic. Their audience tends to have an income of about $50,000 a year, have at least some college education and live in the north central part of the country.

Don’t you want to get the attention of your target customers? Facebook ads could be the best marketing strategy available to you.

Effect on Affiliate Marketers

The decision is going to have a major impact on affiliates. You may gain or lose market share, depending on your size. If you are part of a larger affiliate, you suddenly have access to a huge medium you didn’t have before. On the other hand, if you are a smaller firm, you probably won’t be able to afford the partnership, giving competitors an upper hand.

This decision will only affect you if you intend to target gamblers outside the US or countries where Facebook will allow ads. If you don’t target gamblers from other countries, this may change your mind. Having the opportunity to advertise on the most popular social networking site in the world can bring you many paying users.