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EU Commission Gets Tough On Gaming Laws

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Countries in EU must comply to National Gaming Laws

EC Commissioner Michel Barnier states that EU countries must comply with EU National laws now.  As each country joins in the online gaming this will have to be a “prerequisite of a successful EU policy on online gambling”.

Others agree, as the (EGBA) European Gambling and betting association concurred and “Fully endorsed and applauded” the EC’s statement.  Seems there have been numerous complaints against 9 members and investigations into 16 Member states have being made.

It’s the European Court of Justice (CJEU) that receives these complaints and acts on them accordingly.  One of the main issues outstanding is Germany’s “highly contentious tendering procedure”, and that has made it difficult for a number of operators to get licensed.

Those companies have lobbied and opposed the proposals on the grounds that they are incompatible with EU law. Greece is another country under the microscope as well for their regulations being in breach of EU laws and the activities of OPAP.

This is all looking good for EU based operators as the EU Commission now has their back.  And, if any EU country makes it difficult for any EU operator, they can and will take formal action.