Entertainment Betting Focuses on Oscar Race

It’s a good time of the year to be in the online betting business. February features two of North America’s biggest televised betting events: The Super Bowl, and the Oscars.

And now that the Super Bowl’s over, the attention is shifting to the Academy Awards.

Entertainment marketing attracts fewer affiliates than sportsbetting, but those who do can enjoy a surge of interest this time of year for Academy Awards betting. (And during American Idol finals.)

Unibet, for example, has posted odds on the Oscar race, the nominations for which were released earlier this week.

“Unibet … thinks that The Social Network is the favourite to win at 1.50, but The King’s Speech is right behind at 2.45,” recaps SportsBetting365.com.

Colin Firth’s also favored to win Best Actor, with Christian Bale leading the Best Supporting Actor race. Natalie Portman is the pick for Best Actress, with Melissa Leo the favorite for Best Supporting Actress. Get the official Unibet odds here.

Entertainment betting is a mainstay at sites like Bodog as well, and can be a profitable sub-section of a gambling affiliate master plan.

Three weeks remains until the Acaedemy Awards, held on February 27.