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Quick And Easy Enterprise SEO Tips

seo changesHow big is your website? Despite the fact that the growth process can take a lot of time, bigger sites often times benefit more from site-wide SEO-targeted changes.

When it comes to Enterprise SEO, you don’t have the time to focus on changing one detail at a time. Instead, you need to “scale” your site as quickly as possible. In short, you want to search for quick and efficient changes that can lead to steady improvement.

According to an article entitled “Easy SEO Wins for Big Sites by Ian Lurie” on, there are three details to look for when attempting to pinpoint a “site-wide win:”

  • Can be completed with one simple code change or configuration
  • Not so complex that you need to get the approval of others
  • A small change that can result in big search engine gains

The Importance of Server Compression

Is your server currently using HTTP compression? If not, you are missing out on a huge SEO benefit. With this, your server will compact files and in turn reduce transfer sizes. Subsequently, your page load times will increase – and this is something that Google has been looking for.

If you want to check the compression settings of your server, you can do so using Google PageSpeed.

If you want to get right to it, you can use a CURL command:

curl –header ‘accept-encoding: gzip’ -I

The result for “Content-encoding: gzip” should look like this:

server compression
Image via Search Engine Land

Get Rid of Large Javascripts

Do you have long lines of javascript embedded on multiple pages? Putting this into a .js file is a simple change, but one that can improve the performance of your site. Once this change is made, you can include the javascript using a statement similar to:

Image via Search Engine Land

Change your Title Tag

It takes no more than a couple minutes (at the most) to change your title tag. However, one simple adjustment could do wonders for your rankings.

If you know that your brand will rank number one, move the name of your company or site to the end of the title tag. Contrary to popular belief, search engines put more weight on words that are included at the beginning of the title tag.

Simple changes like these can greatly improve the rankings of a big website. Check out Ian’s full article here.