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Double Down on Commissions with Neteller

A big part of success in gambling, and casino affiliate marketing, is knowing how to get the most out of every transaction.

That’s why more and more affiliate partners are adding payment processing affiliate revenue from companies like Optimal Payments to their affiliate portfolio.

Optimal Payments, operators of Neteller, offers e-wallet and payment processing services that provide a host of benefits to players, and a pretty sweet new revenue stream for affiliates.

We recently sat down with Optimal Payments Director of Marketing, Lea Kamarianakis to find out exactly how these systems work and how affiliates can benefit from them for our CAP Webinar, How to Get Paid Faster  to find out how Neteller can help affiliates double down on commissions.

What is an e-Wallet?

Kamarianakis describes the e-wallet as an, “online stored value consumer account.” It’s very similar to a traditional bank account, but offers a slew of online services, and security features, your local bank might not operate.

e-Wallet services like Neteller add value to players, affiliates and merchants by sidestepping standard card networks and settling directly with merchants.

This means merchants can net more profit from every transaction. (So it’s no surprise that over 30 million online merchants worldwide.)

What’s in it for Players?

For players, e-wallets provide makes depositing funds, and getting quick access to them, a lot easier than it’s been in the past.  Neteller also allows them to safely spend their money online without having to input sensitive credit card information.

Additionally, Neteller offers up a Rewards program, and a VIP Rewards program, that pays off cash and prizes for frequent users.If you’re courting the whale market, this is a really great fit.

But it’s not just your high net worth players who can benefit from Neteller. Players who couldn’t otherwise get credit cards, or live in regions that aren’t well served by the financial sector, can use an e-wallet in lieu of a traditional credit card.

Value adds like that can be a big incentive for players.

What’s in it for Affiliates

Neteller offers a number of benefits to affiliate partners that go well beyond convenience – though that’s well represented, too.

For starters, affiliates can get as much as a 20% lifetime revenue share from their player deposits. This gives partners an opportunity to earn revenue from the affiliate and Neteller for the same deposit.

Remember, Neteller affiliates get a commission every time their player uses his or her e-wallet, whether it’s for gaming or from other online retailers like

And because affiliate partners can use e-wallet services themselves, they can elect to have all their commissions (from Neteller and their operators) deposited in the same account. Not only does this make for more convenient banking, it can seriously reduce transaction fees and speed deposit times.

Marketing Neteller

Kamarianakis is pretty up front about the challenges of adding an extra step to the conversion process, but the company offers plenty of marketing and promotional assistance for their affiliate partners.

Affiliates who can convey the very real benefits of Neteller to their players can set themselves up for additional revenue and increased conversions.

Have you had any experiences with e-wallets or Neteller? Let us know about them in the comments section below.