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DOJ Seeks Help Reimbursing Full Tilt Poker Players

Good news for American Full Tilt Poker account holders, as the Department of Justice (DOJ) is all ready to start start the long awaited reimbursement process, just as soon as they find a payment processor to help them with the heavy lifting.

This week the DOJ posted a call for companies interested in taking on the task of reimbursing around $159 million in frozen FTP player accounts. The move comes just days after PokerStars paid the US government $225 million for full control of FTP’s remaining assets.

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Questions Remain for FTP Account Holders

This news should come as a relief for FTP account holders who haven’t had access to their funds for well over a year.There are, however, a few unanswered questions about how exactly those accounts will be reimbursed.

No one knows for certain whether the amount US players receive from the DOJ will be be based on the initial deposit; or on the final number that was in their account, including winnings.

This story is still a long ways from being done.

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