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Danish Political Parties Declare War on Bonus Offers

Bonus offers have long been one of the most effective weapons in the gambling operator’s marketing arsenal but the ubiquitous practice is under fire across the European market. In the UK, gaming regulators have been working to reign in deceptive bonus offers and in Denmark, a new effort is underway to limit the amount offered or outlaw the practice entirely.
In an interview with Danish television, Danish Social Democrat MP Jesper Petersen came down on the practice of deposit bonus offers by online gambling operators, suggesting that the practice was getting out of hand. Unlike his British counterparts, Jesper did not mention the near impossibility of cashing in on these offers but focused more the amounts being offered.
But operators weren’t let off the entirely when it comes to the challenges players face when it comes to deposit bonus offers, that was handled by his colleagues at the the Red-Green Alliance. The members of this political party are looking both to cap bonus offers at $1,000 DK ($160 USD) while also calling for greater transparency from operators regarding how much it really takes to earn that prize.
According to a report on, the Socialist People’s Party is looking to take the bonus offer issue one step further by banning the practice altogether. They think that limiting the bonus amount a licensed operator can offer will only encourage unlicensed operators to step in with big offers of their own.
While operators and their bonus offers appear to be under fire, the politicians say they’re actually just looking out for vulnerable Danish problem gamblers. They point out that the number of people on the self-exclusion list in their country went up more than 40 percent last year.
So far the effort to limit bonus offers is all talk, but actual legislation could be forthcoming shortly.